1. Guidance. We aim to guide our clients’ operations, not to clerk them. Our clients can be sure that we will not take them through the “long path”, providing unnecessary services and billing unreasonable fees.

2. Expert counseling. If a client requests for a service that is outside the expertise area of our firm, we offer to search for expert counseling with the same quality standard that we aim to offer.

3. “Can do” organization. We look to provide our services in a “can do” way, so that our clients can achieve their goals within the applicable legal frame.

4. Timeliness. Our policy is to answer our clients’ calls within 24 hours to provide continuous follow-up considering our clients’ deadlines.

5. Ethics. The firm aims to provide its services in an ethical manner avoiding unnecessary services, collecting unreasonable fees, failure to comply our commitments, or potential conflict of interests.

6. Billing and expenses policy. Our firm has a billing commitment. We do not bill overhead charges, but expenses incurred and previously agreed with our clients. Our bills are submitted to our clients in a periodical and detailed manner. We firmly believe that “you can win and lost money, but prestige can only be lost once”.