We can prepare and negotiate all types of civil and mercantile contracts and agreements to formalize business transactions, and we can assist in the closure of a deal attending to your needs and timing.

We can assist you to fulfill all the legal provisions that give certainty to your enterprise and personnel, regarding the compliance of labor and social security regulations. Our firm provides services in consulting (legal, social security and tax) and litigation area related to labor matters, either directly or through external expert counseling.

Our firm can assist our clients in administrative, civil, criminal, labor, mercantile and tax litigation, mediation and/or arbitration directly or through our affiliate firms in Mexico.

About Us

We are a law firm that aims to be distinguished among other firms, not only by our technical skills and expertise in our professional field, but also by our commitment to provide services in an efficient, practical and successful manner to cover our clients’ needs, providing the proper follow-up and complying with deadlines.